I aim to create paintings that convey a sense of cold tension and warmth.

I mainly draw characters, but recently I have been focusing on background art as well. I also do illustrations for original card games, etc., and help Vtubers and distributors.

I accept requests for commercial/individual/FanZINE. Please feel free to contact us.


Website / Artworks



I stream minor unmarked PS gameplay play, painting and other work.
I stream on Youtube and kukuluLIVE.

Main Stream

Sub Stream


I post my diary, news, sketches and drawing process. Please feel free to follow me.
I can't promise much in the way of updates to our supporters-only content, but we are very happy for your support. Thank you very much!

Partner(Vehicle):Cocconeis Taro Mayu(まゆたろう)

I call her "Tarou", "Cocco-chan" and so on.

One half of Cocco*Kikko, a vehicle.
She is also an illustrator.
She is the goat sheep🐑 of the GO!GO!! Space Rabbit! which I made.
She is a citizen of Ramen Republic in Yakimo Kingdom Castle.